In week 10 we have been asked to complete four modules on Connect.ed, these modules focused on online safety and cyber bullying. A lot of the information I read in these modules I already had knowledge of, however I never once looked at this information from a educators perspective. Tessamiller10 blog states that “as teachers we to explicitly teach these concepts to children, we also need to continuously reinforce it when engaging with technology through everyday teaching”. I could not agree more to this statement, teachers MUST make students aware that the internet and social media can be a dangerous place, and make students aware of the correct way of using it.

I am not a big internet and social media user myself, however, social media and the internet are not going anywhere, so as a teacher I MUST accustom myself to it all so I am able to explicitly teach my students the ins and outs, and rights and wrongs of the internet and social media.

Here is the web address for the modules for anyone wanting to read, they are every long but well worth it. You will receive a certificate on completion!


4 thoughts on “Connect.ed

  1. If the persons proven to be, absolutely not. I won’t endorse or give money to someone like that. Resources like this are not unavailable elsewhere. I’ll be sure to avoid this now, thanks!


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