Week 5 – Reflections

I hope everyone has had a good week this week. I know mine has been much better, after submitting the first assignment and catching up from last week, I felt like this weight had been lifted off my shoulders. This week has been interesting, although I thoroughly  read through the moodle books, once I finished them I felt like the information when through one ear and out the other. I think it could be because of the fact that I was thinking of my other assignments at the time. Over this break I will be focusing on the other two assignments due before EDC3100 second assignment. However I will be endeavoring to re read through the moodle books again before break is over to make better sense of assignment 2!

Well that is it for me for a little while. I hope everyone has a wonderful break and if you are traveling any where, I hope the weather is good and your travels are safe.

Happy Easter! and for those who do not celebrate Easter, Happy Holidays!


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