Week 5 – Come aboard the pinterest train!

I know what you are thinking ‘another post with another resource’. But I had to make a post about Pinterest! Nearly every teacher I have come across has used Pinterest in their classroom, from ideas for lessons to pictures to print for the classroom walls! I just wanted to make everyone aware how beneficial Pinterest is to teachers (and parents!). I can honestly say that being a mum to a little boy, he often gets bored doing the same activities, so to solve this problem I type “children activities” (for example) in to the search engine and multiple of ideas are displayed! I wanted to share this now as we all go on our mid-semester break, and I thought this would be useful resource for everyone¬† who are about to go on to prac! So over the mid-semester have a look, you will be surprised as to what you can find.

Here is the link for anyone unfamiliar with Pinterest.


3 thoughts on “Week 5 – Come aboard the pinterest train!

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