Week 4 – Virtual Birth

Tess Wise posted a youtube video about a new technology that allows dads-to-be, who can not physically be there for the birth of their child, the opportunity to experience a virtual birth whilst being miles away. Being a mother myself, I thought this technology was beyond amazing! Although it is better for the father-to-be to be psychically there for the birth, sometimes this just cannot happen; I was lucky enough to have my partners physical support. But then I thought, the husband/partner can see everything in the room as if he was there. But what about the mum-to-be? She can only hear him.

I found that looking at my partner made my experience during child birth so much more bearable. So how can technology be more beneficial to the mum-to-be? So I have googled and googled an googled some more, and finally came across women who have been in such a situation, where their husbands/partners were unable to be there for the birth of the child. The fathers-to-be in these cases had live streaming on the iPad/Laptop so he could watch and support his wife the whole time, as well as give the wife the option to see his face.

Here is a video of a solider using technology to experience a virtual birth using a laptop.


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