Week 4 -Reflections

I am finally up to date after falling behind last week!

After the course examiner stating that weeks after week one would not be as intense, I find that this is very false. Week fours learning path I believed was extremely full on, and with the demands of the Assignment One being due at the end of that week, one would have thought that that week would have been some what less intense. I am well aware that I am not the only one who fell behind in week 4 learning path as reading countless blogs,  as we all know our priorities and that is to complete our assignment first.
I also thought that introducing our second assignment before our first ones due date had even past was rather disappointing. It is overwhelming enough having to complete one assignment, but then to be given a whole heap of new information for our second assignment created a lot of anxiety!

On another note, the information in week 4 is extremely helpful for our second assignment!


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