Week 3 – Copyright Laws

After our big storm here in Toowoomba last night, we lost out connection to the internet until this morning! Once power or the internet is down we have to refer back to the traditional ways, which is one very big negative in regards to ICT! But it is up and running again so I am able to complete and post my final blog for week 3.

This whole time at university  I thought I had been completing all my assignments correctly, and referencing what needed to be referenced. However, this week I was made aware that there are copyright laws in relation to the images, music, and videos we see on the internet, and often I have broken this laws without even knowing! WHOOPS! In fact we need to get permission to have the rights to use images, videos, and music that we see on the internet. This weeks learning path has given us two websites to use to be able to search through images, music, and videos that have given such permission for others to use.

  • Creative Common Search –  Allows you to search through a desired site for images, videos, music that gives permission to the public. Such sites are YouTube, Google, Flickr.
  • ImageCodr – Generates a ready to use HTML code that will direct viewers back to the original image, and displays a brief license summary.

After learning about copyright laws, I will able to confidently complete my online artefact and know that I will not be breaking anymore laws.


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