Week 3 – Eeeek! RAT!

This week we have been introduced to two new frameworks which work together in the construction of classroom lessons.

  1. SLIC – Student Learning, Instructional, and Curriculum
  2. RAT – Replacement, Amplification and Transformation


Student Learning Process:

  • what the learner does

Instructional Method:

  • what the teacher does

Curriculum Goals:

  • what you want the learner to learn


ICT as Replacement:

  • ICT is used to replace some prior means
  • e.g. showing a video on the IWB, rather than through a video player

ICT as Amplification:

  • ICT is used to amplify the efficiency or productivity of an existing approach
  • e.g. teacher preparing a set of Powerpoint slides for an existing lesson plan

ICT as Transformation:

  • ICT is used to fundamentally change some aspect of SLIC
  • e.g. moving on from writing simple linear stories to hypertext narratives/stories

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