Week 2 – Reflections

As we conclude week 2 of our studies, I have found many new grey hairs that I swear were not there last week. Trying to juggle multiple blogs each week, starting assignment one, plus studies for my other 2 subjects, as well as trying to care for my son, fiance, dog and lastly, myself! If I think too much ahead of my studies, I then get worried that the demands of this subject and my others, may be too much to handle this semester. I know I just need to stay focused and remember my goals, but sometimes these are easily forgotten when stress takes over.

Neil Postman has stated that with technology their is always a trade off, well, I feel that the constant use of technology for this subject is putting more pressure on myself, as I am spending more time on the computer then getting to clean and cook around the home. I have had limited time for my fitness, social life, my fiance, and sadly my son too. The thought that we are only in week 2 is playing on my mind, once we get well and truly into the semester, how much time will I have then?

I am just sightly overwhelmed, however I am glad I am not the only one feeling this way after reading Lucas’ reflection.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, what is everyone getting up to? Tomorrow, my son and I are off to the zoo with his cousin, aunty, Nanny and Poppy. It will be so lovely to have a break away from the computer for a few hours!


4 thoughts on “Week 2 – Reflections

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