Week 2 – Literacy ICT Resources

As my son is still snoring his head off and having a sleep in, I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to get another post done, so here we go!

Alongside EDC3100, I am studying SPE3003, and SPE3009. As I was reading my weekly module for SPE3009 I found many useful ICT resources that are beneficial to special needs students, primary students, and generally any children who may struggle with literacy!

  • Jolly Phonics – Using a multi-sensory method, students learn literacy through synthetic phones.
  • THRASS – (Teaching Handwriting Reading And Spelling Skills) paradigm shift in teaching phonetics.
  • Letterland – Multi-sensory system for teaching children to read, write, and spell.
  • MultiLit – (Making Up Lost Time In Literacy), effective literacy instruction.
  • Sound Waves – “Your whole school phonemic approach to spelling”.
  • Ants in the Apple –  Large number of texts grouped by strand, with a range of classroom resources.
  • Letters and Sounds – Builds students speaking and listening skills.
  • Starfall – Letter-sound correspondences (sight words).
  • Scootle – Teachers recourse
  • Teachers Pay Teachers – Teachers resource

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