Week 1 – The T.E.S.T Framework


How can I keep up with all the course activities and assignment work of all 3 subjects around my family and planning a wedding!?


To be better organized, prioritize, and develop my time-management skills! I am easily overwhelmed, therefore need to work on myself to better my ability to cope and keep up with all the demands within my life at present.


My home – I do have a study room, but do I actually study in there? Rarely. I work better when there is chaos, although I like peace and quiet, I absolutely love pots being hit with wooden spoons, duet singing with my son, and muddy paws and feet running in the back yard. So when my son is asleep and I am left to quickly get as much study done as possible, I am finding myself to firstly, putting the TV on to help with background noise – as I said, I love noise, but not too much noise, just enough to say “My son is sleeping, but I wish he was still awake”. I have my son in my care at all times, so I have to work my study around him, so between cooking meals, banging pots and pans, cleaning, and exercising my dog which resembles somewhat that of a horse, I am left with little time to dig my head into study – which is why I tend to spend most of my nights studying.


I do have fantastic skills in organization, however, what I struggle with most is in fact staying organized. Sometimes commitments arise that cannot be shoved to the side and need to be dealt with then and there, which unfortunately upsets the organization, which then has a domino effect on time-management. It is obviously not the commitments that are the issue, it is the getting back on track that I struggle with!


Technique #1: Make and use lists

  • Schedule: Day by day for a whole semester. Incorporates times for cooking, exercising, studying, play time with children and so on,
  • To do list: Created daily or weekly. Tasks can be prioritized by numbering the list or using highlighters.
  • People to contact list: A list of people who need to be phoned or emailed. Contacts can be prioritized by highlighting or numbering the list.

By having a visual schedule and lists, I will be able to better my organization, prioritize and develop upon my time-management skills.


One thought on “Week 1 – The T.E.S.T Framework

  1. Hi Belinda
    I really enjoyed this post and must say that I can relate (aside from having children, but I have a very demanding cat and a noisy partner, does that count?). I need background noise happening as well and also have a habit of becoming easily overwhelmed and then I just go into shutdown mode!
    I look forward to reading more of your posts. Good luck!


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