Week 1 – Howard Gardner

We have been given a task of critically reflecting upon a theory that we have once used in some part of our previous studies. As soon as I read this task the first theorist to come to mind was Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences. I have had to use Gardner’s theories so many times throughout my 3 years study, so how could I not choose this theory to reflect upon.

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory recognizes the vast ranges of learning styles. Here is an image that depicts the different learning styles:

Between working as a teacher aide before having my beautiful son, and attending professional experiences, I have personally encountered many varieties of learning styles. I believe that Gardner’s theory is useful within the classroom as it assists in understanding the optimal way individuals learn best. Categorizing them however, should be kept to one’s self as giving children classification I personally do not agree with. I would happily recommend to others to make sense of this theory and use it within their classroom, to depict the individual students best learning style. By achieving this, educators would be able to work upon these learning styles to teach children in such ways that they will enjoy the information taught, and therefore create better understandings and connections.

Although I personally agree with Gardner’s theory, I have come across other educators perception on his theory, one such perception has always stuck with me. An educator once told me that she believed that children should not have a choice in how they learn, the reason why children are learning better in certain ways is due to the simple fact that the children enjoy learning that way, therefore educators need to make all ways of learning enjoyable. Was she correct? Maybe yes, maybe no. But her opinion has made some form of impact on me, as I just have not been able to forget it.

For more information on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences click on the following links:


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