It has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad WEEKEND.

The title sums up just how my weekend has been. I have fallen extremely sick with food poisoning on Friday night, and it has really knocked me for six. Today is the first day since Friday where I have felt some what human again. I also have a toddler who is teething his two top molars, a partner out on his stint out west, and 3 assignments all due within the next week! Stressed and exhausted does not even come close to how I am feeling at present! Can only hope that I am given some strength to get everything completed to the best of my ability and on time! However I can see I am not the only exhausted one after reading amandaeford’s blog  ‘Exhausted’.
I am so very pleased that I completed my whole prac before falling so sick, not completing it all on time would have put even more stressed on my shoulders (definitely don’t think I need any more weight on my shoulders at the moment, I feel like a donkey whose back is about to be broken). Anyway, I had to have a little rant about everything, I hope everyone is well themselves, and having a wonderful weekend. Best of luck with your assignments!


These past 3 weeks have flown!

Today I over heard a teacher talking about an online resourcing website suitable for students with special needs. After hearing part of the conversation (I promise I am not an ears dropper), I approached the teacher and asked about this website. It is call SEN Teacher. I have had a thorough look through the website, and it really is a fantastic link to have. I wanted to share this link to my fellow pre-service teachers, especially those doing a major in special education. I know this website will be beneficial towards your future classroom and teaching. Click here for the online resource. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful time on their professional experience, I only have one day left and I will be truly sad to say good bye!


Nearing the end of week 2 at professional experience.

I have honestly enjoyed every minute of my time doing my professional experience, I have been blessed with a beautiful classroom of 9 children. My placement is within a unit which is apart of a mainstream school, and it has been such a delight to wake up each day and go to my prac, so delightful in fact that I am getting upset as the days go on as it means my time at this school is nearly finished.

I recently came across an excellent FREE online resource! Sparkle Box contains many resources for most learning areas. I thought I would share as I have found useful and fun resources which I have used within my lessons.

I hope everyone is having an amazing time at their professional experience.



Well, I think it is safe to say that most of us will be pretty quiet on here over the next 3 weeks, between planning, completing other uni work, caring for your children, pets and in general, yourself, and working with some absolutely wonderful students and teacher, I think we can all come to terms that we really wont have much time for our blogs!

I know I will be spending very little time on here from now until I finish my prac, so I wanted to say a big GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES to everyone. I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful prac, and those who have to travel, then I wish you safe travels.

Good bye for now!


Professional experience advice!

It is Friday, meaning there is only a few days now till we start prac (unless you have started early). Today is going to be a good day, I can just feel it.
Today I came across a post on Facebook about a student studying education who needs some advice on how to have a successful prac. The advice given from other people is very informative. I thought I would share for anyone who is as nervous as me, and need some support!

Click here for the link.


Professional Experience

I am so very pleased to have received a phone call from the professional experience office, I have been allocated at an amazing school with a very lovely mentor. It is not my previous practical, as that was where I was supposed to return to, however the Prac office made an error and sent someone else there! So now I am returning to my first ever school I had prac at! I am actually very excited, still very nervous, but I am looking forward to my three weeks there. I am a little disappointed that I was made aware so late, as I am not able to do a meet and greet with my mentor and students. However at least I am now about to start getting myself organised over the weekend.

Here is a little read on how to survive your prac 🙂
To all of you starting prac soon, I wish you all good luck!



This week (Week 11), we are learning about a new acronym C.L.E.M. The C.L.E.M framework has four components which focus on developing ones knowledge on how to effectively use ICT to amplify and transform student learning. Here is a brief deconstruction of the framework:

  • Community – communities typically develop useful knowledge and resources on how to use ICT for learning and teaching.
  • Literature – Research can provide useful insights into what works and what doesn’t.
  • Examples – easiest to learn about a new ICT from examples, examples can be great inspiration for your own lessons.
  • Model – ICTs have a particular model embedded into it, knowing the model and words to describe the components can be much simpler.

For more information, click here.